Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Getting in Shape on a Budget

Is you New Year's Resolution to get in shape?  The starting point for many people is to join a gym.  Gym membership prices may seem competitive right now.  However, initial cheap gym membership fees will usually be offered on the basis that you sign up to a long term contract.

Our advice is don't sign up. Many people enter into long term gym membership contracts that they will end up not using. Instead, House-Saver would recommend an alternative, cheaper, more effective and more sustainable way of getting into shape (and keeping in shape).

Create your own gym at home
If you have the space, you could set up your own home gym in a spare room. The upfront costs of home gym equipment are a lot cheaper than you may think, especially if you shop in the second-hand market.

In next to no time, you’ll find that the money saved through not paying for gym membership will have covered the initial costs.

As well as saving money, you can also gain the convenience of having a personal gym on hand 24/7.  Plus, your own fitness suite means no more queuing to use certain pieces of equipment and no more driving to the gym.

If you source your equipment from the second-hand market, you can expect to get a decent treadmill for about £150 and a multi-gym or workout bench with weights for around £100.

Get in shape for free
Even better still, from a household budgeting point of view, is to get in shape without forking out for gym equipment.  Many compound workouts such as push-ups and crunches can be done with no equipment at all. To find out more, try Googling "resistance training without equipment”.

As for cardio, all you really need is a good pair of trainers and a safe route outdoors.  Don't let the nasty weather we are experiencing put you off, you'll soon warm up, and the combination of fresh air and exercise will leave you feeling invigorated.

My New Year's resolution is to end 2014 in better physical shape, and with more money in my pocket. Wish me luck.

Happy New Year from all at House-Saver.


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