Sunday, 13 April 2014

Help! My cat won't let me work from home

The advantages of home working are clear.  I love the fact that working from home completely removes the cost and hassle of commuting.  I also relish the ability to work from the comfort of my own house.

There are also downsides of working from home.  I am guilty of raiding my fridge on a regular basis.  I am also prone to procrastination - whether it be doing the laundry or repeatedly checking out the BBC News website when I should be working.  However, these are not my main problems with home working.

My biggest challenge is with "Sid" my cat.

I have two cats - Manny and Sid.  I did not name them - honest! They were rescue cats.

Manny seems to understand that I need to work and leaves me to it.  But Sid (pictured) appears to be jealous of my computer and demands that I give him my undivided attention.  Sid will just not accept the fact that I need to work at home.

I shoo him away, but he just sees this as a challenge.  The obvious answer is to lock him outside.  But when I do this, for the rest of the day he uses emotional blackmail to make me feel guilty.  I shall just need to be stronger.

I apologise for this week's short and rather silly blog.  I promise that I will be back to real House-Saver business next time when I will calculate the money that you can save by growing your own vegetables.


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